5 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Pet at Home

If there’s one thing pet owners love doing, it’s taking pictures of their furry friends. It’s always fun to show photos of fur babies to friends. This is especially true around the holidays when family pictures are being taken for holiday cards and updates. But, as we all know, sometimes taking a great picture of a cat or dog is easier said than done. Pets are often full of energy and don’t really understand the concept of sitting still in order for their parents to take a super cute picture. Luckily, there are some things you can do right in your own home to make pet photos come out better.

Below are some of our favorite tips.

  1. Take tons of photos. It might seem a little daunting, but the more pictures you take, the better chances you have of getting the perfect photo. This is true for all kinds of photography, but especially true of animal pictures. By snapping several shots, you might get one that’s just right.
  2. Find a place in your home that offers a simple background. You want your pet to be the star of your photo, so remove items that might be distracting. Look for an empty wall or some other backdrop that won’t compete with the focus of your pet. Even if your cat or dog moves a bit in a photo, it won’t look bad if the background is clear.
  3. Be mindful of props and costumes. If you plan on dressing your pet up or using props within the photo, know that they can cause distractions. Your pet might be fidgety in a costume or be incredibly interested in sniffing a fake pine tree in your Christmas photo. If you do plan to use either of these items, know that you will need to be patient and give yourself some extra time to capture the perfect photo. However, props can work in your favor if you’re using them to get your pet’s attention. Squeaky toys or jingling bells can be used to draw your pet’s gaze to the right spot for your photo.
  4. Lighting is key. Just like in human photos, lighting can make or break a photo. Look for areas in your home that let in a good amount of natural light. This can include rooms with large windows and skylights, or even getting your pet to sit near the front door. The “magic hours” for photos are during dawn and dusk when the sun is giving off good light without being too harsh.
  5. Make sure your pet is comfortable. Getting your pet to stay in an area of your home with a simple background that has good lighting is a daunting task. Make it easier my incorporating something that they enjoy. Maybe your cat has a favorite blanket to lay on or your dog has a really comfy bed he can’t get enough of. These items might make your pet more likely to stay where you need them to be.
  6. Get your pet’s energy out before you take photos. Unless you’re looking for an action shot, it’s best to take your pet’s photo when they’re more calm and relaxed. If you try to take your dog’s photo right before your daily walk, chances are he won’t sit still. Similarly, if your cat likes to play or eat at a certain time of day, make sure they do that and then take your photos. Both dogs and cats are more likely to stay still if they aren’t full of energy or wondering when they’ll be getting their next meal.

We hope these tips will come in handy the next time you take photos of your pets! If you plan to take fun holiday photos of your furry friends, share them with us on our Facebook page. We’d love to see them!

And remember, if your holiday plans involve traveling out of town and your pet needs to stay at home, we can help! We’re licensed and bonded pet sitters serving the San Diego area. Learn more about Pet Pals here and contact us today if you’re interested in our services!

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