Pet Sitters & Pit Bulls

I’m Dennis, & my wife Sonya have been professional Pet Sitters in San Diego for the past 35 years. We have taken care of many, many sweet pit bulls terriers. So, let me just chime in with my thoughts after 35+ years in the business of taking care of family pets.

25 years ago there were hardly any mention of pit bull terriers. Now, go to any shelter and it has mostly pit bull terriers. Very sad. But that is why they are mentioned so much more in articles, blogs etc.

My thoughts go to the very small minority of owners who have that I need protection mentality.

Never, ever under any circumstances should ANY dog be allowed to show aggression in a family unit.

That’s like giving a 3 year old a loaded gun and saying, “if you need it use it”.

Same people, years ago had the aggressive Dobermans & Rottweilers (remember the movie “The Omen”?). Also, totally sweet dogs if not encouraged.

Look at this scenario, if someone is going to come thru a barking dog to get to you or your family, they will shoot the dog anyway.

Now let’s talk facts about potential for harm.

Any dog that you adopt from a shelter has a background. The older, the more background to deal with.

Strong breeds, Dobies, Rotts & Pitts are incredibly strong when not controlled. No ears & no tails on some means almost impossible to pull off when under attack. By design, years ago.

I have been bitten only once by a Chihuahua that I had petted 2 minutes before? So always a risk.

But we don’t pet sit any dog guarding a wrecking lot in a bad part of town. Family pets only. But if we ever felt uncomfortable, which has happened a few times, we don’t do that pet.

So again, pit bull terriers have potential. But it is the owner who is totally responsible. Idiots will always be idiots.

Be careful with adoptions. Interact with dog. food, kids, leash control, abandonment issues.
If you feel you and your dog are about to be attacked yell at top of your lungs “NO” “NO”.
Most dogs have some Pavlov reaction to the word “NO”.
Don’t get in between you will get bit. You can put the clip end of your leash thru the looped end to make a lasso loop it over attacking dogs neck & pull away. Other than that whatever you have to do to save your dog.
Leash laws apply, always have your dog on a leash or under your control.

Dennis Shoemaker
President PET PALS Pet Sitting

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